C/MAJOR 56, MONTBLANC. --------------------------
PERMANENT EXHIBITION --------------------------
The Art Gallery El Claustre made a proposition to Jordi Isern
to perform an exhibition in tribute to the city of Girona
and its regions for the Festivities of Sant Narcís, patron
of Girona, in the month of October 2007.

The project was very encouraging for the artist, as the
majority of the work is inspired in the environment
of this marvellous province.

In this way El Claustre and Jordi Isern
edited this book to accompany
the exhibition, which contains
the sixty images of the paintings
together with a brief bibliography
of the artist written by
Mr. Juan Llop Sellarés, founder
and owner of the magazine Gal-Art.

If you wish to purchase the book, please contact us
at E-mail Its price is 30 Euros, postage included.