From October 11 to 22, 2018
Opening: day 11, at 20 h.
Joaquín Castro San Luis
Member of the National Association of Art Critics
Jordi Isern, with a painting of great beauty and charm, is again presented in Tenerife, in the exhibition room of the Círculo de Amistad XII of January. Isern is a reputable painter, with numerous exhibitions and with an impressive quality and trade line. He paints, looks after the details, searches for the most suitable atmospheres for his oil paintings and he takes pleasure in his work. On each canvas we must examine the details and nuances of a valuable painting. Isern sings to Tenerife, in its towns and seas, in its lights and shadows. Fresh airs in his painting, with glances of brightness, which talk of lucid dawns. Paintings of top aesthetic quality, which shed emotion in their plasticity and high knowledge gained by their execution and gesture. Painting of aesthetic pleasure and of personal satisfaction for the human quality. In his work Isern pays special attention to the woodlands, which he reflects brilliantly, the same as the distant mountains, in many occasions with a farm hose that usually closes the landscape, always with soft lights and faint lights, which confer depth for the appearance of the spaces between the back and the front areas.
Jordi Isern rejects being framed only within the Catalan landscaping painters and he considers himself more as a landscape painter who has travelled to several regions of Spain, therefore painting the entire Spanish Pyrenees mountains, the Alpujarra of Granada, the Picos de Europa, etc. Therefore, thanks to the invitation on behalf of Mr. Joaquín Castro San Luis, member of the Spanish Association of Art Critics, almost ten years ago, to exhibit his work in Tenerife, Jordi Isern comments: “there was such a magic, that we have come every year although I didn't have an exhibition. I have very good friend here and I consider this my second home; besides for me the island of Tenerife has a landscape for which I feel captivated due to the vital need of having to express it” . Thanks to all these encounters and emotions, the people from Tenerife have had the privilege of enjoying already five exhibitions of the Catalan artist, and, of course, we hope to have him for many more.